Speculative Knowledge

Love, heartbreak, happiness, sadness, hopes, dreams & ideas all transmuted to a common medium - the written word.

Comparisons can only lead to disappointment.

—Six Word Story

henahiddles asked: love your blog, doll!! great writing!

Thank you very, very much!

Anonymous asked: your are actually cute ;P btw where do u live?

Idaho, USA!

mr-henk asked: Can I jus like, marry you?


kristinesaysheeeyy asked: Your blog makes me smile! <33333 I'm glad I stumbled upon it!

Thank you so much. Your kind words mean the world to me!

I find comfort in
Knowing that we dream beneath
The same starlit sky.

Anonymous asked: Why do we never see pics of you? :)

Tumblr is primarily my outlet for writing so I guess I never think to post selfies but since you brought it up, here you go!


Have you ever overheard a conversation and felt like what they were saying applied perfectly to your life? It doesn’t happen to me very often but it happened to me today. One of my co-workers was discussing her 20 year old daughter with another one of our co-workers. Her daughter had moved away for school for a couple of years but was unhappy and decided to move back home. Now that she is back home, she mopes around and talks about how miserable she is and how much she misses the place that she moved away from. My co-worker says that she sat her down and told her, 

“You can’t keep doing this. You’re hurting me and you’re making yourself miserable. You are being wishy-washy in your decisions and it is unacceptable. You can not be wishy-washy in life. You have to decide where you want to lay down your roots and then stay. So far, you’ve been being idealistic about how you think about where to live. Places, things, people - they are not perfect. If you keep imagining them as if they are, you will be constantly setting yourself up for disappointment. I’m not trying to tell you what decision to make, I’m only telling you that either way you will be sacrificing something. Make sure that it is something you can live without.”

She is completely right. I miss my home but is it for the right reasons? Is it because I imagine myself living an “ideal” life? While I was visiting, a good friend of mine told me that life would not be the same as before I left. That the people I knew and loved before are not the same people… That everyone has changed and they are no longer the people I loved so to forget the notion. It hurt to hear but I know he is right. Why should I give up a stable life for an uncertain one? Even if I am not happy now, there is no guarantee of happiness there. Is it true what they say? “Better the devil that you know than the devil that you don’t.”

I am finally
Brave enough to do what I
Feel is the right thing.

I look into each of their eyes and I see a person who’s worth is beyond comprehension. They are young, innocent, and curious. They are loving, trusting, and compassionate. Their potential is immeasurable and the future is in their hands. They see the bright side in all situations but I can see a lingering confusion and sadness.  ”I miss my dad, auntie.” are words that are uttered far too frequently. How do you respond to a child that says that? I want to take them in my arms and never let go. I am not a mother yet but I would do ANYTHING for these children. I can not fathom how there father would not want to do the same.