Colleen Courtney Anderson

23 year old female. ID & CT, USA.

Love, heartbreak, happiness, sadness, hopes, dreams & ideas all transmuted to a common medium - the written word.

I love getting questions, submissions and requests so don't hesitate!

In case life is not kind,
In case life is not fair,
In case love does not conquer all,
In case what is meant to be does not find a way,
In case I never get an opportunity to make reparations,
In case I do not get another chance to tell you…

I love you. You hold a permanent piece of my heart that time, space and circumstance can not touch.

|| Colleen Courtney Anderson ||
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Tears streaming, heart pleading, ‘Please. Stay.’

—Six word story || Colleen Courtney Anderson ||

Anonymous asked: I liked a guy who was my childhood friend and my first love. After 5 years I met him again, and I still got feelings for him. Him and I got along so well then. Do you believe my first love will be my true love?

My answer would only be based on the small summary that you provided me and hence would not be very reliable. The question is, do YOU think that he will be your true love? Your (and his) thoughts and feelings on this topic carry much more weight than any third-party individual’s ever could.

You mention that you still have feelings for him and that you got along well with him when you were together in the past. That is wonderful and both of those things can prove beneficial when cultivating a relationship. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your perspective), relationships involve more than feelings towards a person. You don’t need me to tell you that life can sometimes be difficult. That is something that we all learn at a relatively young age. Regardless, make sure that the person you choose to be your “true love” is someone who can endure the bad times just as heartily as they enjoy the good times.

Good luck!

—  || Colleen Courtney Anderson ||

Heartbreak has a way of quietly whispering, ‘You should have loved yourself enough to open your eyes before you hit the ground.’

|| Colleen Courtney Anderson ||

I’d be lying if I said, ‘Time heals all wounds.’

—Ten word story || Colleen Courtney Anderson ||

journalinq asked: i love your blog with as much love as my little heart can beat / thank you for inspiring me to continue writing on this blog, i really appreciate it :) - xo, ayana

Thank you so much, Ayana! Your writing is wonderful, as well. Keep up the phenomenal work!

thewinksofgod asked: I just noticed you were following me, I have to say I am honored to be followed by such a great fellow writer as yourself.

I love writing very much but I also love reading. I always seek out talented writers and you are definitely one of them! Thank you for your compliment - I really appreciate it.

Love and logic can rarely coexist.

—Six word story || Colleen Courtney Anderson

In a world that is
often dull and prosaic,
you are resplendent.

- || Colleen Courtney Anderson ||

2average4this asked: Less of a question, more of a submission. A six word memoir thing. I had to do one for my English class. And I saw yours so I thought you might like to see what I came up with "May All Your Wounds Be Mortal."

Wonderful job - I hope that you get a good grade! :)